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Saucy Sundaes is now available for hire for large events such as fairs, carnivals and music festivals.

How it works

We will bring the machine, equipment, branded signage, menus and all the ingredients and set-up and run the stall. It will be branded as Saucy Sundaes (see “Alternative options” below)

We need:

–  Access to an electricity point (for the machine)

–  A large table for preparation / storage of ingredients

–  A rubbish bin / ban

–  Cover (in case of rain and to shield the machine from sunlight)

–  Access to refrigerator space near to the machine location (we can manage without this if necessary)

–  An inside area with an electricity point for preparing the ice cream mix

If possible, it would also be great to have access to a large supply of bottled water (we are happy to pay for this).


Unfortunately, it’s impractical for us to serve Sundaes in our usual glasses, so we can either do a mini or large version served in a paper cup with a wooden spoon. The mini Sundaes sell for 50,000VND each and the large Sundaes are 90,000VND.

Our usual range includes three different Sundaes, but we can serve a limited range or explore special recipes to suit your event.


Because we have fixed costs for transporting the machine and staffing the stand, we use the following fee structure as a start point:

–  You cover the cost of transport and staffing. This will depend on distance from our base, length of the event and numbers expected. We will calculate this upon application.

–  We pay you 20% commission on all ice cream Sundaes sold. This means, if the commission covers the fixed cost, you do not owe us anything.

For example, if the event is 10km from our base and runs for 4 hours with an expected attendance of 500 visitors, our fixed cost would be 4.55m VND. This covers transport of the machine and 2 staff for 5 hours. If we sell 100 large sundaes at 90,000VND each, you get 1.8m VND refunded.

We are willing to negotiate on this for large or special events.

Alternative options

If you want soft serve ice cream at your event but want to serve plain cups or cones without Saucy Sundaes topping or branding, we can rent you the machine and staff and supply ingredients.

Send us an email on or a message on Facebook and we’ll get in touch to discuss further.

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