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Indulgent ice cream sundaes inspired by yummy British desserts

We’ve combined our love of sweet and gooey British desserts and sweet treats with our addiction to ice cream to bring you Saucy Sundaes. Creamy soft serve ice cream is complemented with crunchy biscuit, cake chunks, chewy meringue, squidgy fruit and decadent sauces, all served up in a traditional sundae glass (or a cone if you’re on the move). All toppings and sauces are home made and recipes have been tried and tested to ensure ultimate deliciousness.

Our range includes luscious combinations such as Lime Tickle, A Cheeky Crumble, Sticky Banana, A Royal Pair and Chocola tease – and we also have special editions and can come up with ideas to order. Whether you like tang, crunch, toffee or chocolate, you’re covered!

Saucy Sundaes is available for private parties at Spacebar Cafe in Hanoi and watch out for pop-up events. We can also travel to large events around Hanoi, such as music or cultural festivals and school fairs. Please get in touch on for details.


Sticky Banana A Cheeky Crumble Lime Tickle Chocola Tease Saucy Sundaes A Cheeky Crumble Cone Lime Tickle Cone Chocola Tease Cone Sticky Banana Cone
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